Curriculum Vitae Carsten Weise

Current job position:

Coordinator On-Board Units at IVU Traffic Technologies AG

  • Coordination of the development of IVU on-board units, this covers hardware as well as the software on ISO/OSI-layers 1-4.
  • IBIS-IP standardization and development of a prototype as proof-of-concept

Freelance trainer for courses in the area of information technology and test management.

Previous positions:

CEO Embility GmbH, consulting industrial enterprises on the subject of real time systems (2010-2011)

Researcher RWTH Aachen University, Embedded Software Laboratory within the UMIC cluster of excellence (spezification, validation, verification, testing of embedded systems, testing processes, symbolic and concolic testing, methods and tools for programming mobile devices) (2007-2011)

Senior Systems Designer at Ericsson responsible for technical studies, with main focus on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). KPI support for the Ericsson international test projects CN5, CN6, CN7, Blade-Cluster and Wireline (2005-2007).

Group manager at Ericsson responsible for product handling and configuration management of the mobile switching center software (2002-2005)

Group manager at Ericsson responsible for the design of testing tools and methodologies for the switching network for mobile communications (2000-2002)

Project manager at Ericsson responsible for the development of an end-to-end testing tool for mobile switching software (1999-2000)

Assistant professor with BRICS (Basic Research in Compute Science, Centre of the Danish National Research Foundation) at Aalborg University (Denmark) in the Formal Systems group of Kim G. Larsen. (1997-1999)

Research assistant at Aachen University of Technology, at the Chair for Computer Science I (1987-1997) (at that time, Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science was the main subject, chaired by the late Professor Dr. Jürgen Merkwitz).



Ph.D. in computers science from Aachen University of Technology. Thesis on theory of real time systems.


Diploma in computer science from Aachen University of Technology. Master thesis on implementation of distributed real time systems.